Product Name:Miracle Essence Fresh Royal Jelly&White Pearl Powder 50g
Product Category:Cosmetics
Brand:Blue Pure
Product Information

Blue Pure Miracle Essence is special formula that combines the traditional as well as the modern research beauty ingredients. 

It contains Royal Jelly,South Pacific Pearl Powder,BetaWhite and Tyrostat. 

Tyrostat is a skin tone lightener derived from RumexOccidentialis, a plant native to the Northern Canadian Prairies.RumexOccidentalis extracts possess powerful blocking effects on the tyrosinaseenzyme,which occurs naturally in both human and plant tissue and is important in the production of Melanin. Pigments such as melanin (tan) and haemoglobin(erythema) are mainly responsible for skin colour.Clinical testing showed that Tyro stat reduces skin pigmentation by limiting both melanin production (tan) and skin redness(erythema). 

B-White is a TGF-B biomimetic peptide encapsulated in a liposome vehicle.it differentiates itself from other traditional whitening agents with its unique inhibitory action on the MITF cellular pathway to decrease constitutive and facultative pigmentation allowing optimal whitening and lightening effect with an excellent safety profile.

Pearl powder has been used long time ago by the royals of ancient China.It helps reduce the appearance of scars,stretch marks,and fine linesand winkles.It accelerates the skins rejuvenation process and provides mild lightening effects. 

Royal Jelly contains amino acids,a basic ingredient in collagen, which is essential in maintaining the skin’s firmness by supporting the skin’s connective tissue because of it’s ability to aid in supporting this tissue, royal jelly often helps to reverse the effects of aging in the skin by eliminating brown spots,also known as “age spots”,as well as wrinkles. 

Usage: Direction of Use: Apply a suitable amount on face in the morning and evening.