Product Name:Glamour Lanolin Lip Gloss Sydney
Product Category:Cosmetics
Brand:Blue Pure
Product Information

Blue Pure lanolin lip gloss :


Specifications: (  5ml  x   4 ) 


Glamour Lanolin Lip Gloss (4 in 1 pack) for smooth luscious lips!


High quality lanolin lip gloss to keep those lips smooth and luscious! 


Comes in a small carton which includes 4 different colours.


SPF 15+ and Waterproof to ensure you are protected!


Great as a gift pack!


Lanolin is a natural product of the wool industry. It is a substance extracted from the fleece once it has been removed from an unharmed sheep once the sheep have been shorn. It’s vegetarian-friendly. Lanolin is no more cruel to animals than drinking milk, using beeswax, eating honey or even wearing wool.

It’s a good oil. The oils found in lanolin are extremely similar to those oils we secrete from within our own skin, which is why lanolin is so effective. Lanolin is one of nature’s wonder skincare ingredients.

It’s a super-moisturiser. Lanolin is an extraordinary natural emollient-style moisturiser, able to imitate and augment many of the functions of human skin lipids. The moisturisation properties of lanolin itself are well documented. It can hold over 200% of its own weight of water, acting as a moisture reservoir to help maintain the hydration of the skin.