Product Name:Collagen Cream 100g
Product Category:Cosmetics
Brand:Blue Pure
Product Information

Blue Pure Collagen cream

(with Grape seed, Royal Jelly and vitamin E)                                       (100g)


Blue Pure collagen cream is a highly effective moisturizer and emollient that softens lubricates and protects the skin from dryness as well as revitalizes the skin. This Collagen Cream help to protects your skin from premature aging, improves the appearance of skin aging impair and reveal the brightening skin. Increases skin’s elasticity, pore tightening and add more moisture to rejuvenate the skin.


Apply cream on face and neck morning and night.



Purified water, collagen  ,grape seed, lanolin anhydrous, perhydro, royal jelly,mineral oil,  glycerin, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, glycerl monostearate, polyoxyetheylene sorbitan monostrate, avocado oil,  ,vitamin E , fragrance